Would You Like That To Go? Avoiding Getting “Hangry” On The Road

Would You Like That To Go? Avoiding Getting “Hangry” On The Road

America’s highways are flanked by food establishments that have offerings that are marketed to practically every possible type of traveler on the road. But if one is taking the roads less traveled or is traveling abroad, those conveniences may not be readily available. If you’re taking a quick trip, “hanger” (the specific type of angry that comes from being hungry) isn’t a problem. But for longer trips, hanger can really hurt the experience. Here are some tips on making sure you don’t Hulk out because of hunger:

Prepare snacks with long shelf-life

The last thing you want when you’re hungry is to pull out the snack you prepared only to find out it’s gone bad. I usually have a trail mix of dried fruits, nuts, and cereal. They keep long, and unlike dried meats or candy bars, they don’t make me really thirsty. Drink too much, and well, that’s a whole different problem.

Avoid foods you know your tummy may not agree with

This should go without saying. If you know that cheese is going to send you to the bathroom after 30-40 minutes, avoid packing some for the trip. Yes, even if you know there will be pit stops along the way. You can never be sure about how clean the comfort rooms there are, so avoiding it altogether can help you avoid unpleasant situations.

Avoid anything that’s potentially messy

I love chocolate and am often sorely tempted to mix in some dark chocolate bits into my travel trail mix, I never do. Even if you’re super careful and mindful of what you’re doing, sooner or later, you are bound to get chocolate on something, be it your clothes, camera, or phone. If it melts or can spill you may want to think twice before packing it.

Always bring extra

Even if you’re traveling alone, packing extra is still a good idea. Delays happen; whether you’re stuck at an airport or traffic is bad, the chance of your trip taking longer than expected is a reality. Having extra snacks with you means you can fight off your hunger without worrying about running low later.

Do you have any favorite travel snacks? What’s your favorite travel mix recipe?