Biking in Cali

Biking in Cali

When you think of California, you are likely thinking of how beautiful and picturesque the state is. From Los Angeles to San Diego it seems like everything is designed to be photographed and experienced. You’re looking for places to go and things to see both man-made and naturally beautiful locations. If you are bike riding through the majestic California Republic, you’ll want to get a head’s up on all of California’s best bike trails.

The Bizz Johnson National Recreational trail is one of the most scenic trails you’ll ever find. You’ll spend 25 miles of observing the incredible mountains of the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges. Located in Lassen county, this trail spans from Westwood to Susanville and is something that can’t be missed by bikers looking to explore the area. Treat yourself by taking this trail.

The Iron Horse Regional Trail is a fantastic experience for people in and around San Francisco. This trail connects 12 cities in the region and gives riders the chance to get a real taste of the culture of the Bay Area. Practically everything can be found when you are on this trail. It winds and twists it’s way past schools, public transportation, shopping malls and it’s become so popular there is work to expand the trail from its current 24.5 miles to 33 miles to get even more good places connected to it. An excellent climate, high utility and great locations make this a trail that everyone knows about and loves.

The Monterey Bay Coastal Trail is where you want to go if you’re going to see the Pacific Ocean in all its glory. This 18 miles trail lets riders bask in the beautiful ocean as you’re breathing in the crisp sea air. This trail also leads to many great fishing spots and seafood restaurants so you’ll have plenty of things to do when you are not on your bike. For people who love the ocean, this is a trail that must be ridden.

If you a nighttime ride you should check out the Modoc Line. At over 80 miles it is a massive trail, and some people use it as an ATV trail rather than a bike trail, but when it comes to the night, you’ll never see a more beautiful sky. With practically no light pollution in the area, you’ll look at the stars as our ancestors did and can take in the night in all its incredible wonder. It would not hurt to pack a telescope while riding this trail to stop and marvel at the heavens.

The Bakeshore Bikeway is one of San Diego’s most famous bike trails. A brisk 17-mile ride that features the Pacific Ocean and many fantastic tourist spots in the area you’ll be able to get lots of sightseeing taken care of while spending a day riding in the fantastic Sad Diego weather.

This is but a small sample of the vast number of bike trails California has to offer you. Make your plans to start your biking adventure in California today.