Biking in Oregon

Biking in Oregon

You might think Oregon is a boring town that’s just the basis for weird hipster nonsense like Portlandia, and you know about the Trailblazers, and you’ve heard they are passionate about their soccer team, but that’s soccer, so you don’t care about it. You are wrong about soccer and Oregon because it’s a fantastic state with lots of great stuff going on and not the least of which is the beautiful biking trails the state has to offer you. You can spend your days riding in the sun on some of the most beautiful and fantastic bike trails America has to offer you when you come to visit Oregon.

When you’re looking into finding Oregon’s best bike trails, you’ll have no shortage of great trails to ride with all sorts of amazing sights to see and places to go. The first of these trails is the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade. You’ll be floating over the river while you’re staring at the majestic cityscape of downtown Portland. This quick 1.5-mile trail will entertain you the whole way with all the incredible things to look at both in the skyline and under your wheels. You can add on the Waterfront Park trail to give yourself a full 3-mile loop to get in a bit more fitness while you’re out on the trail.

The Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail allows people to ride along the majestic Columbia River Highway. A road designed to be the most beautiful road ever made is now the backbone of an incredible bike trail that goes so far it ends up in a different climate zone. This trail will take the average biker about three hours to complete, it’s a simple enough trail for a beginner to handle, and it’s kid-friendly so they can tag along for the ride also.

The Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway starts south of Portland at Champoeg State Park. You go from there along a trail of 130 mils that few people will be on. This trail allows you to see the Willamette River in all its natural glory and be able to swing by Willamette Mission State Park. You’ll also be able to do some shopping at the Butteville General Store that’s spent over a century helping out riders who have been biking their way around this incredible trail.

Rim Drive at Crater Lake is one of the most beautiful trails in the world. You will be huffing and puffing in the thin air while you’re riding around at over 7,000 feet, but the views will more than make up for the work put in. With over 30 spots designed to give you incredible views and the Crater Lake Lodge awaiting you with some of the most amazing views, you’ll find anywhere on the west coast or all of America for that matter. This is indeed something that can’t be missed.

These trials and countless more await you in Oregon. The next trip you plan already has everything you could ever want to do mapped out for you, grab your bike and do it.

Biking in Cali

Biking in Cali

When you think of California, you are likely thinking of how beautiful and picturesque the state is. From Los Angeles to San Diego it seems like everything is designed to be photographed and experienced. You’re looking for places to go and things to see both man-made and naturally beautiful locations. If you are bike riding through the majestic California Republic, you’ll want to get a head’s up on all of California’s best bike trails.

The Bizz Johnson National Recreational trail is one of the most scenic trails you’ll ever find. You’ll spend 25 miles of observing the incredible mountains of the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges. Located in Lassen county, this trail spans from Westwood to Susanville and is something that can’t be missed by bikers looking to explore the area. Treat yourself by taking this trail.

The Iron Horse Regional Trail is a fantastic experience for people in and around San Francisco. This trail connects 12 cities in the region and gives riders the chance to get a real taste of the culture of the Bay Area. Practically everything can be found when you are on this trail. It winds and twists it’s way past schools, public transportation, shopping malls and it’s become so popular there is work to expand the trail from its current 24.5 miles to 33 miles to get even more good places connected to it. An excellent climate, high utility and great locations make this a trail that everyone knows about and loves.

The Monterey Bay Coastal Trail is where you want to go if you’re going to see the Pacific Ocean in all its glory. This 18 miles trail lets riders bask in the beautiful ocean as you’re breathing in the crisp sea air. This trail also leads to many great fishing spots and seafood restaurants so you’ll have plenty of things to do when you are not on your bike. For people who love the ocean, this is a trail that must be ridden.

If you a nighttime ride you should check out the Modoc Line. At over 80 miles it is a massive trail, and some people use it as an ATV trail rather than a bike trail, but when it comes to the night, you’ll never see a more beautiful sky. With practically no light pollution in the area, you’ll look at the stars as our ancestors did and can take in the night in all its incredible wonder. It would not hurt to pack a telescope while riding this trail to stop and marvel at the heavens.

The Bakeshore Bikeway is one of San Diego’s most famous bike trails. A brisk 17-mile ride that features the Pacific Ocean and many fantastic tourist spots in the area you’ll be able to get lots of sightseeing taken care of while spending a day riding in the fantastic Sad Diego weather.

This is but a small sample of the vast number of bike trails California has to offer you. Make your plans to start your biking adventure in California today.

Training For A Long-Distance Bike Ride

Perhaps there are very few activities that are more physically demanding than long-distance bike riding. Unlike other sports that are done and over within a few minutes, or an hour or two at most, long-distance bike riding can stretch for hours, even days before you can reach the finish line. In fact, given the difficult nature of this activity, claiming the top prize is just seen by athletes as the proverbial icing on the cake. For them, what is more important is managing to endure the entire course without giving up.

training long-distance bike

It takes just as much effort and strength of will to train even before embarking on this kind of activity. You need to be adequately prepared before plunging yourself head-on into this physically and emotionally draining endeavor. If you have plans on training for a long distance bike ride yourself, here are some things to keep in mind:

Begin by beefing up your body’s resistance. Long-distance bike riding, or even just simple biking, demands a lot from your legs and glutes. These are the parts of your body that you should pay sufficient attention to. So for your legs, you can do stretching. You can also perform squats to strengthen your muscles.

Secondly, design a graduated training methodology. This means that you do not start out with a heavy training routine. As with all things, you should start with what you can correctly do. Over time, increase the difficulty and length of the trail you need to take. The key is that the degree of difficulty of your training should improve over time and not the other way around. This way, you get your body used to progressively tricky training, thereby giving it a chance to adapt.

Part of graduate training is testing out a variety of trails. It’s not all the time that you can ride on an even trail. Challenge yourself by biking on hills or any terrain with an upward slope. This will prove to be useful when you do interval training.

In interval training, you subject yourself to a period of intense physical activity, followed by an even period of rest, and then back again. It’s a way of training your body, particularly your lungs, to get used to intervals of strenuous and restful activity so that your body does not get shocked by a change in the intensity of events. This is because, in long-distance bike riding, it’s not huff-and-puff all the time. There are also parts of the trail that are relatively easy, which you can use to take a rest.

In all your training activities, make sure to listen to your body. Refrain from wearing yourself out if you feel that you have reached your limit. This is precisely the reason why during your training, it is essential to check your heart rate. Note that your training should be functional and viable, not lethal.

Another great way to prepare yourself is by joining bike race competitions. While these activities usually are lesser in scope as opposed to the usual long-distance bike races, they still make for good practice. By joining, you get yourself accustomed to the pressure and mental stress that usually come with competitive sports. The more you get used to these things, the easier it becomes for you to manage your training for long-distance bike riding.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, psych yourself up for the battle ahead. This is probably one of the least mentioned reminders when it comes to training for a long-distance bike ride. Most, if not all, focus on the physical aspect of the training. However, as you will later see, it takes more than physical stamina and resistance to withstand the rigors of a long-distance bike ride.

Think about how athletes frequently place great emphasis on mental focus to be on top of their game. Without attention and psychological sturdiness, you will more than likely give up easily or not have the strength of will to carry on even in the face of challenges. When your mind wills it, it is going to happen. Conversely, if your mind says it can’t be done, then you’re just essentially resigning yourself to the probability of failing.

How do you then keep your mental focus in check? There are a couple of ways on how you can go about this. One of these is by joining organizations or groups of long-distance bike riders. These people share a mutual passion for the sports and therefore make for a great support system. You can relate your anxieties and doubts to them, if you have any, and they can share insights and tips on how they have managed to overcome theirs.

Long-distance bike riding is by no means easy. It takes a lot of physical strength and mental focus to finish the entire course. If you wish to engage in this activity, you should be mindful of the proper way of training for a long distance bike ride as indicated in the steps above.